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Doors in a valley

Greetings all, Travel is like music to my soul which justifies my need to travel every now and then. In my current visit to Sangla Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India I captured these images as part of the Thursday Doors photography... Continue Reading →

A deserted entry

Greetings all, When I visited Qutub Minar the very first time since my stay in Delhi, I made sure to click as many pictures I could. Even after coming out of the historical premises, when I found this deserted entry... Continue Reading →

Leibster Award!!!!

Greetings all, I have been nominated for the Leibster Award when I was least expecting it as I was busy AF on work from the past few months!! It surely is a reminder why I did start blogging in the... Continue Reading →

Colorful doors in Vrindavan

Greetings all, In continuation with my last week's post around the ravaged Doors in Vrindavan, India, today I'm going post doors slightly more colorful than the previous ones. While we were visiting various temples there, I was excited to find... Continue Reading →

Graffiti on wall

Greetings all, I was not really an art person till some time back when I visited Paris and was welcomed by jaw-dropping artworks. I have now developed deep respect and interest for artworks.  Last time I went around my city for a photography stroll, I... Continue Reading →

Ravaged Doors in Vrindavan

Greetings all, Post our visit to Taj Mahal, Agra we were left with half a day to spare so we decided to visit Vrindavan ~ Land of birth of Lord Krishna. It is a small town where people don't greet... Continue Reading →

A tainted window

Greetings all,  Going by my love for finding anything new to capture within and outside my city, I going this awesome window. Well, it was not really in black and white but I think monochrome adds more drama to the... Continue Reading →

A day in La Défense, Paris

Greetings all, If you haven't visited my last post from Paris where I visited Notre Dame De Paris, do read to get to know more about my voyage, else moving on. I usually prefer mountains over beaches and being brought... Continue Reading →

Doors at The Taj Mahal

Greetings all, Last week I posted about my visit to the iconic monument ~ one of the Seven Wonders of the World ~ Taj Mahal to which I have been a numerous times now & now I even take it a little... Continue Reading →

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