Greetings, again:)

If you haven’t read Part One of my  visit to Jaipur, check it out here: Jaipur – The Pink City. Otherwise, moving forward!

We divided our second day into 2 parts:

1. Amer Fort

We planned to start the second day with Amer Fort, which is located in Amer town on tip of a hill, 11 Kms from Jaipur. It is known for its artistic Hindu style elements, courtyards, and locations as it is located on Cheel ka tila(Hill of Eagles).

Some pictures are posted in the gallery here:

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2. Chowki Dhani

We next headed towards Chowki Dhani in the evening, which portrays the essence of Rajasthan. The place has the exact look alike like the culture and soul of Rajasthan – the village like structure, the painting, the camel, the unique & beautiful Heena designs, folk dance and much more.

The Chowki Dhani opens at 5h00 till 11h00 to showcase its charm and the entry charge is nominal in which the food and all the events are covered. The authentic dining area – with sitting on floor with small tables in front of you, and people are ready to serve you a bunch of food items till you are full – is an all new experience. The dishes are the typical Rajasthani dishes with authentic flavor and is served in abundance 🙂 

We spent our entire evening there – enjoyed some folk dance, got our hands colored with unique Heena designs, enjoyed bonfire. 

Enjoy some of the pics from our Chowki Dhani visit: 

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Stay tuned for the final day of the trip.

Ciao 🙂

– The Dreamer

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