Hi folks!!

Today I’m going to share some my recent family trip to – a small town in Himachal Pradesh, India.

We started early morning around 05:00Hrs and thanks to our decision to start early, we were able to skip the jam on the Delhi border. Leaving the city early had its own benefits – we touched down Chandigarh in almost 3.5hrs and stopped at Haldiram’s Restaurant before the town for early breakfast and tea.

After half hour break, we started again, but we ran out of luck, and my brother missed a red light and got caught by a cop 😦 . After all that mess, we entered Himachal Pradesh via Panchkula highway in sometime. The entry to the state was surely a pleasant view as it was cloudy that day and reaching around noon didn’t feel like one.

We reached Kasauli around 12:30HRS, and luckily got a family room near the main market(we got to know later on that the town ran out of rooms soon after that). We relaxed a bit in room and planned to explore the town starting from Sunset point which was 1.5kms trek from our hotel. As it was a cloudy day, it turned out to be pleasure nature walk.

Some photos from Sunset point:


Stay tuned for next part of the trip.

Ciao 🙂

– The Dreamer

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