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In continuation to my Kasauli trip, where you can find the post about the other attractions, it’s here: Kasauli – Sunset Point and Kasauli- Christ Church, and today I am going to share something about Manki(Monkey) Point.

Manki Point is the highest peak in Kasauli, and is located approx. 4kms from the main town. Its significance lies in the small temple of Lord Hanuman, where according to the Hindu epic – Ramayana, Lord Hanuman set his foot while returning from Himalayas after taking Sanjivani Booty(magical herb for defying death).

The hill top is currently located under Air-Force boundaries and to visit the air-force station, strict frisking is done by the Air-Force officials. Also, as this lies under a highly confidential area, so photography is not allowed in the premises 😌

We dropped off our car very near to the town to avoid being stuck in traffic, and we trekked a good almost 3.5kms till the hill top. After entering the premises, it was a steep road till the hill top, although that day it was covered with clouds, so we ended up enjoying the trek. On reaching the hill top, we offered our prayers at the temple first and then enjoyed the view from top for sometime 🙂

Some of the pictures I could capture before entering the premises, hope you like them(comment below if you do!)

That’s all for today. I will come up with the beautiful flowers I found there in my next blog. Stay tuned!!

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