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This post will be dedicated to my travel almost 2.5 years back to Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. It was a group outing with my cousins and my mum’s friends – which means a whole lot of approx. 15 people – but was a memorable one. Ajmer/Pushkar is in Rajasthan, which is a relatively hot place as compared to Northern India, and because of the surrounding deserts it is even more difficult to visit the place from April till October.

Well, we started our journey from New Delhi via an evening train by which we reached Ajmer at almost midnight. We spent our night in an hostel and it was April beginning but it was still cool in the night even without air conditioners in our rooms.

Our Hostel.


We decided to start our trip by Pushkar – a small town in close proximity of Ajmer which is well known for having one of the very few Lord Brahma Temple in the world. Lord brahma is the an Hindu god who is believed to be the creator of the universe and various beings in it. Even as a creator of the universe, Lord Brahma is slightly less popular amongst the rest Hindu Gods(Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu). Pushkar is also famous for its divine lake and a few other ancient temples having huge ancient & architectural significance.

We started our Pushkar trip from Old Rangji Temple which is a beautiful temple which dates back to 1823. Lord Rangji is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and hence it attracts lots of visitors.

Old Rangji Temple


Old Rangji Temple


Next we headed to Pushkar Lake – which is again a pilgrimage site which contains as many as 52 Bathing Ghats where pilgrims take sacred bath.

Pushkar Lake


We then proceeded towards the famous Lord Brahma Temple, where I couldn’t take pictures as we left our mobiles with our bags in the mini-bus, but there are a few from Google:

Courtesy – Google
Courtesy – Google

We then headed to the Pushkar Desert for a feel of true Rajasthan (and also because I’ve never seen a desert before this one.)

An overview of the desert.


Easily found in Pushkar


This was our ride for desert safari.


A kid who followed us to the desert.




Stay tuned for next part of the trip.

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