I found myself fortunate enough to be featured on Cee’s Blog, where some of my blogs – Black and White – have been featured (in different times). Now that I’ve been featured twice for my BNW photographs, so I’m adding a post where I can refer those featured posts.

It is a great honour for me, as I’ve started this blog only 9 months ago and my inspiration was mainly my travels and also newly found hobby for photography. So on March 31, 2016 I had published my first post, which you can see here –  Amritsar . Slowly & steadily, I started improving my photography skills by looking up to the amazing people I follow here and by participating in the challenges as well. There came a day when my first blog was featured on Cee’s blog, and that’s when I realized I am surely improving – slowly if not fast enough. So, now without much delay, I present the posts in Cee’s website where I was featured –

You may look for my posts up there by the name of “The Dreamer“.

Thanks Cee for the support!!


The Dreamer

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