Hope you’ve read about my first day in Paris so now moving on to the day when I visited Louvre Museum in evening.

#Louvre Museum


Around 16h00, I made-up my mind to pay a visit the quintessential Louvre Museum. World’s largest museum (area wise) ~ Louvre is a major landmark associated with Paris city. The museum launched somewhere in 1790’s now showcases thousands of world’s finest artworks. Louvre is World’s Second Most Visited Museum recognized for its architecture, renowned art collection, sculptures and paintings including the iconic Mona Lisa.

As I entered the premises, I was completely mesmerized by the grandeur of the museum. If visiting Paris, don’t visit the museum just in daytime, I rather recommend visiting the  illuminated Louvre in the evening. Even if you are short of time, try to spare a few hours from your itinerary in the late afternoon hours so that you can catch a glimpse of the shinning Louvre pyramid when the sun sets. Over the years, various movies have been shot in the museum, although most notably a thriller – Da Vinci Code – put the spotlight on the museum, if you’re a Dan Brown fan and want to live the ‘Da Vinci Moment‘ – visiting Louvre(in evening) is a must. Some pictures from the museum –

#Some facts about the museum –

  • Louvre commenced as a Fort/Bastion – symbolizing wealth & power of French Empire. It was designed under the Europe’s most successful ruler – Philip Augustus (Philip II)in a way to prevent invasion and also used for shielding purposes.
  • The fortress was destroyed to be converted into a Royal Residence – It was first modified in 14th century and was demolished later in 15th century as Francis I rooted for a new renaissance style structure. Francis I is known to promote French language and is hence recognized as ‘The Father & Restorer of Letters‘. As a prodigious art lover, he magnetized various Italian artist and also invited Leonardo Da Vinci who then brought Mona Lisa to France.
  • Louvre was not Mona Lisa’s first royal home – Post Da Vinci’s death in 1519, purchasing the painting from his assistant, Francis I kept the painting for numerous years in a variety of royal palaces. When the French Monarchy fell and the Louvre was declared as a Museum, it was the time when Mona Lisa found its permanent home.
  • Louvre was temporarily renamed as ‘Musée Napoleon’ – When Napoleon Bonaparte took over France, he took everything under his power and renamed the centuries old museum with his name. After Napoleon’s fall in 18th century, the museum regained its name back.
  • Louvre served as a clearing house during Nazi reign in WW II – When a massive army was approaching France, the custodians of the museum decided to evacuate the museum including all the art-work, except sculptures as they were difficult to move. When Nazis ordered the re-opening of the Louvre museum they found the museum to be empty and hence converted it to a store room.

#Arc De Triomphe Du Carrousel


The monument was built in the beginning of eighteenth century by Napoleon I to celebrate his victory of 1805 war. The arch was originally envisioned to be an entry point for Tuileries Palace. Although fire demolished the Palace towards the end of eighteenth century, it was then decided that the arch is well-suited to be a stand alone monument for great views of Champ-Elysées.

The monument has a beautiful structure in tones of rose-gold and is built on the models of Arch of Septimius Severus & Arch of Constantine in Rome. Quadriga – A chariot pulled by four horses with peace propagators – was placed at the top of the monument. Napoleon brought the original Quadriga aka “The Horses of Saint Mark’s” from St. Mark Basilica in Venice, but were later returned in 1815 and a copy of the same structure was made to crown the Arch. The upper band of the arch proudly showcases the soldiers who served in the Napoleonic army.

P.S. I actually did intensive research after visiting the Louvre Museum admiring its architecture & art and have now developed deep interest in European History. In fact, I’m even planning to purchase/borrow some books to gain more insights on the same topic. Isn’t it wonderful, how merely by visiting some places you develop a sense of inquisitiveness and aspire to dig for more information.

Have you been to Louvre Museum yet?? Share your experience with us 🙂

Stay Tuned for more adventures ..Yes!!! There are more 🙂

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