Greetings all,

This week’s photo challenge is themed around – Wanderlust 😀 and I think those who have been following my blog closely know how crazy I get by the word Travel 😉

On our trip to Manali years & years back, before heading to Manikaran Gurudwara we had a quick detour to Kasol Valley suggested by our cab driver. We found an utterly gorgeous bridge to cross Parvati River for another lovely view of the valley.  If you’ve read my post on Manali, then you might be aware how adventurous that bridge was – continuously moving with strong waves & winds because of Parvati river. Upon reaching the center of the bridge, I felt like I will probably fall in the river because of the high tides and windy weather. I even thought about going back but thank god I didn’ was a wonderful view on the other side of the hill. I can never ever forget that experience in my life & might even return to feel that breeze again. 


Enjoy 🙂


– The Dreamer

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