Greetings all,

In my last trekking trip to Vaishno Devi in a small yet famous district of Katra in Jammu & Kashmir, I was welcomed with white bubbly clouds and heavy rainfall. Yet, on the my day of my return, the sky cleared a bit with only a few scattered clouds here & there and nice sunny weather was back. Upon reaching the railway station for my return to Delhi, I looked up to the beauty of the nature and clicked the azure blue sky with white clouds. Posting the following picture for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sky


Lately I have been super-occupied in my work and was unable to participate in challenges I used to take part in 😦 If you guys know I work in a corporate sector as a typical IT employee so my work premises is surrounded with skyscrapers. Whenever I go for a stroll around my office I usually take picture and that will be my entry for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Letters S or T and I’m choosing the letter S for Skyscraper and Sky also 😀 




– The Dreamer

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