A simple girl next door from the capital(Delhi) of India. A Software Developer by profession. An avid book lover who loves to take reading challenge every year so as to push myself to read more and more. A traveler by heart 💕 encouraging myself regularly to travel more and instantly grabbing every opportunity to travel ~ you can read more on my travels here.

Trying to find a niche for myself in the blogging community. I have always loved to capture moments which explains my craving for Photography. I started photography as a hobby and initially I had no idea on the genre I liked so I tried so many of the same. After an year of self realization, I think I now know what I like – mainly Landscape, Architecture and Macro.

So, now following my childhood passion of writing and photography 😇 🙂 Thus said, my blog will mainly cover my travel stories, my (improving) photography, some thoughts on the books I read and some posts dedicated to exploring my city.

*Do what you love and love what you do!!* I guess its never too late to start chasing your dreams, I started mine..What about you?

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