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Reading Challenge – 2017

Hi guys, Like last year, this year also I've taken a reading challenge on GoodReads, although this year I've increased the books I'll read and thus set 24 as a target. I've already read 5 books till date and currently... Continue Reading →

Two by Two(Nicholas Sparks) – Review

Sometimes, we come across a book which we want to hold onto and feel like finishing it as early as possible and this was one of those books for me. This might not be a great piece of literature even have a few... Continue Reading →

The Girls(Emma Cline) – Review

Hey guys, Some days back I completed"The Girls" by Emma Cline and today I'm writing my review/thoughts about the same.  The plot revolves around Evie Boyd, a 14 year teenager whose parents are recently divorced and who is also having... Continue Reading →

The Goldfinch(Donna Tart) – Review

Hello bloggers, My first 5 star rating of the year and I'm proudly giving it to The Goldfinch 🙂 This, for me, is one the greatest book of all times. A book so deep, so meaningful that leaves me craving... Continue Reading →

Princess(Jean Sasson) – Review 

Hello folks!! Princess – A real story of a girl/princess in Saudi Arabia kept in veils by her father, brother, husband and her sons. This is her life story and her struggles about not being to accept the traditions which are... Continue Reading →

Lolita(Vladimir Nabokov) – Review. 

Hello folks!! Before starting to review Lolita, I must admit I had high expectations from the book and honestly - it did score well.  Lolita is a story of obsession, delusion and more over lust. The story revolves around Lolita... Continue Reading →

Me Before You(Jojo Moyes) – Review.

Hello folks!! Me before you – This was one of the best books I have read which left me speechless rather than in tears. Although, I did cry after watching its movie, but the novel left me with a number... Continue Reading →

Reading Challenge – 2016

Hi Folks!! As my new year resolution, I had set myself a target of 15 books(good ones) to complete by the end of this year, 2016. I completed 8 books so far, and some of them have left deep impact... Continue Reading →

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