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Should we really celebrate Women’s Day??

I know you must be confused with the above statement but I am really skeptical about this Women's Day Celebration which is catching rage every year. Do you genuinely believe in this celebration?? *I don't!!* What's the actual basis of this... Continue Reading →

Hurry Up!!

Hi all, Yesterday when I went to a local market with my mum, it somehow left me frustrated. My mum was almost hit by a motorbike, you might would like to know why?? Because everybody seems to be in hurry.... Continue Reading →

Trust – A Powerful Yet Most Ignorant Word

Greetings all! Trust - A powerful word isn't it?? Yet, I believe, most people fail to understand  the worth of same. Trust have always been a sensitive topic for me. I believe in the famous saying "Actions speak louder than... Continue Reading →

Wondering about Life!!

Greetings to all!! Always wondered how perfect can life be?? Always used to look at these chairs in my office and thought - Is our life perfect like these perfectly made table & chairs but rather empty OR with people... Continue Reading →

A Soft Hearted Girl

Once, there was a soft-hearted girl. A fun-filled and friendly yet little shy girl. A girl who kept smiling and laughing. A girl who used to get angry and forget that the very next moment. But, times change and so do people.... Continue Reading →

Hi All Everyday on my morning walk, looking at the swing brings back countless memories of my childhood. Daily I am drawn towards it to ride it before leaving. Riding the swing make me realize how much I have changed over these years. The swing takes me little... Continue Reading →


Greetings 🙂 This morning while on my routine walk in the park, I saw few kids playing in park. The innocence and smile of the kids made my day 🙂 When i asked to click their picture, they immediately posed... Continue Reading →

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