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Doors at The Taj Mahal

Greetings all, Last week I posted about my visit to the iconic monument ~ one of the Seven Wonders of the World ~ Taj Mahal to which I have been a numerous times now & now I even take it a little... Continue Reading →

The Splendid Taj Mahal

Greetings all, Last month I got a chance(again!!) to visit the iconic Taj Mahal - One of the Seven Wonders of the World. I have been to Taj before as well yet this time I documented it in my camera... Continue Reading →

Way to Ashokan Edicts

Greetings all, In my last trip to Puri, Odisha we also explored some off-beat locations in the state where we found out about the Ashokan Edicts. Apart from the magnificent history of the place, large rocks and actual peace testimonies written... Continue Reading →

Prayers at Notre Dame

Greetings all, Hope you’ve read about the last post where I visited Louvre Museum , so now moving to my next destination in Paris. As this was my first (definitely not last!!) to Paris and due to lack of time I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Agrasen ki Baoli

Whenever I think of history, I am always amazed by the skills and technology used at that time. I believe how much technology might have advanced these days, but the concepts used historically were also precious and can still be incorporated while conceiving ideas... Continue Reading →

View from Taj Mahal

Greetings all, Last week we visited Agra, the iconic Taj Mahal. I have been there numerous times now but never leave a chance to visit again, after all it is the only one of the Seven Wonder's of the World which... Continue Reading →

Let’s cross that bridge

Greetings all, This week's photo challenge is themed around - Wanderlust 😀 and I think those who have been following my blog closely know how crazy I get by the word Travel 😉 On our trip to Manali years & years back,... Continue Reading →

An evening at Louvre Museum

Greetings, Hope you’ve read about my first day in Paris so now moving on to the day when I visited Louvre Museum in evening. #Louvre Museum Around 16h00, I made-up my mind to pay a visit the quintessential Louvre Museum. World's largest museum (area wise)... Continue Reading →

Paris – Tour Eiffel and more

Hey guys, Hoping you've not missed out my journey till Paris so, moving on with my adventure for first day in Paris!! I woke up to light snowfall and was super excited on experiencing this tiniest blessing of nature for the first... Continue Reading →

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