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A day in La Défense, Paris

Greetings all, If you haven't visited my last post from Paris where I visited Notre Dame De Paris, do read to get to know more about my voyage, else moving on. I usually prefer mountains over beaches and being brought... Continue Reading →

Prayers at Notre Dame

Greetings all, Hope you’ve read about the last post where I visited Louvre Museum , so now moving to my next destination in Paris. As this was my first (definitely not last!!) to Paris and due to lack of time I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Doors at Louvre Museum

Greetings all, I was completely appalled in my visit to Louvre Museum by witnessing gorgeous architecture(of course!!), artworks and amazing doors 😉  So posting the picture of a beautiful door placed in a well-craved entrance for Norm's Weekly Photography feature -... Continue Reading →

An evening at Louvre Museum

Greetings, Hope you’ve read about my first day in Paris so now moving on to the day when I visited Louvre Museum in evening. #Louvre Museum Around 16h00, I made-up my mind to pay a visit the quintessential Louvre Museum. World's largest museum (area wise)... Continue Reading →

Paris – Tour Eiffel and more

Hey guys, Hoping you've not missed out my journey till Paris so, moving on with my adventure for first day in Paris!! I woke up to light snowfall and was super excited on experiencing this tiniest blessing of nature for the first... Continue Reading →

Eiffel looking like a Painting

Greetings all,  From my last visit to Paris, as obvious I was mesmerized by looking at Eiffel Tower. I clicked this picture when it was all cloudy and was already raining since morning and I saw Eiffel from across the... Continue Reading →

Adventures en route to Paris

Bonjour!! Last year, I started the year with a trip to Paris - *The City of Lights*. Paris - the capital of France - recognized for its architecture, museums, bridges, cathedrals, and beautiful monuments and overtime have also gained the status of the... Continue Reading →

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