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A monochrome sunrise

Greetings all,  In my last visit to Puri, I couldn't resist capturing the sun rising over the horizon.. Well, what better way to start your day than with a gorgeous sunrise. As it was very crowded at that hour as... Continue Reading →

Way to Ashokan Edicts

Greetings all, In my last trip to Puri, Odisha we also explored some off-beat locations in the state where we found out about the Ashokan Edicts. Apart from the magnificent history of the place, large rocks and actual peace testimonies written... Continue Reading →

A dancing girl at sunrise

Greetings all, While on my last vacation to Puri, I got up super early to catch sunrise and click some (cliché) pictures. While I was already down on knees to try a different shot a beautiful little came in my... Continue Reading →

A walk to Shanti Stupa

Hey fellow bloggers, On my last trip to Odisha, from our way back from Puri to Bhubaneshwar we made a quick halt at Shanti Stupa some miles before the capital of Odisha. While we parked our cab near the market... Continue Reading →

Let’s walk

Hello fellow bloggers, Sometimes I think all I need is walk on a pavement with greenery to clear my mind and refresh myself. Posting this picture from my last trip to Odisha ~ Udaygiri Caves in Bhubaneswar where I wandered around entire... Continue Reading →

CWWC – A Garden’s Entry

Hi there!! Cee is back with Which Way Challenge for last week of March and I would like to participate in this one. I know that's my bad that I missed last 3 weeks, and I'm even guilty of not... Continue Reading →

Bhubaneshwar – Must See Attractions

Bhubaneshwar - Capital of Odisha - also known as 'The City of Temples' is slowly turning into a Smart City now. Bhubaneshwar has various historic Hindu temples from 1st Century BC strongly depicting the (now Odisha) Kalinga architecture dedicated to... Continue Reading →

Shanti Stupa – The Buddhist Center of Odisha

Greetings, "Nobody likes war - A statement which holds true irrespective of the era." Odisha(historically Kalinga) was the war field for the historic Kalinga War fought by King Asoka in Dhauli hill on the banks of River Daya. It is... Continue Reading →

Konark – Dive in the history of Sun Temple

Greetings everyone, After refreshing for two days on beach and lake, we wanted to explore more about the history about Odisha, India. So we kept day 3 of our trip for a visit to the renowned Sun Temple located in Konark, Odisha(~ read more... Continue Reading →

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